Writing Diary, One of Learning Activities

14 September 2015 | Dibaca : 785x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
Written by Siti Suwarni image1 Do you know “Dear Diary”? It is an activity that some people usually do to express their feeling and note special events along the day. It used to be a habitual activity, but nowdays the teenagers or many people tend to write about their feeling and what they do in social media like facebook, twitter, etc. Anyway, many advantages can be got from writing diary, such as:
  1. Reducing the stress. People know that the stress which can not be expressed will be a risk for our body and soul and of course it will impact to our health slowly. By writing, we can express our fury, disillusion and sadness freely, so writing diary can reduce the negative things that maybe occur and it will be one of the problem solvings.
  2. Keeping the memory. The diary can be a resource for historical note and some books have been published based on the people’s diary like Kartini’s book “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”.
  3. An Inspiration source. Sometimes, the inspiration comes and goes suddenly, so Diary can keep it. When there is an idea passing by our mind, write it immediately. It usually can grow widely.
  4. A Life target. Some people like writing their dream or what they want right now or for their future in the diary. It can be a motivation to reach the dream when they read their writing.
  5. A Life Lesson. Not only good experience the people wrote in their diary but also the bad experience. One day, they can get a good lesson from each occurrence in their life.
  6. A Brain Exercise. Writing needs consentration and it train the brain to arrange every sentences and words. Of course it is a good way for brain exercise.
Due to the benefits of writing diary, how come the diary can support the students’ learning? In this case, by giving an assignment, the students were asked to make a review about their previous lesson, especially English subject everyday. It involved the material or topic they had learned at that day, the impressed activities they had got, and also how their feeling were. This activity forced the students to conclude the material, constrained them to get as much as new vacabularies and as well as improved their writing skill. While they were making summary, they were also learning to understand more the lesson. And for the teacher itself, It helped to know how far the lesson could be understood by the students. When the students realized that they had not understood the lesson, they could ask their friends or their teacher to explain more. It’s a useful activity. Furthermore, there were some factors impeded this activity. The biggest factor was the students’ idleness or laziness. The students just wrote the headline of the material they learned without any explanation. And there were some students prefered copying their friends’. Despite some other students did as well as they could. To handle this problem, giving reward and punishment became a good choice. Another factor is the lack of writing skill. Generally, writing is the hardest skill in learning language, so some students felt difficult to express their idea. Step by step was given to guide the students in writing by making the simple and short sentences. As a result, the students who did this assignment well, they could make some improvement in their English. So far, this is just a way that can be used to help the students to increase their English skills. The significant way in this case is to make sure the students to write everything whatever and wherever they are. At the beginning, it’s better not to focus on the gramatical failures, just write, write and write. Day by day, they will make their writing better.
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