Why the Students Get a Bad Score: A Psychology View

16 November 2015 | Dibaca : 1117x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
(written by Siti Suwarni) 4195906-vista-sky-blue-yellow-normal5.4 copy 2 “Ma’am, I had studied hard before the test and I am sure I can, but I still get the bad score.” This is a usual griping (Keluhan) the students say after receiving the test back. Moreover, some students’ parents ask why their children often have the lower one although their children are not stupid and lazy even some of them join the courses as additional learning. Sometimes this fact becomes a complicating problem due to many factors may cause that problem. This writing tries to analyze some factors that may come from the students themselves. According to Timothy Wibowo’s writing in www.pendidikankarakter.com, there are some causes why the students get a bad score as a psychology view.
  1. The students maybe have anxiety. They worried about the parents’ pursuit which is too high to get certain achievement. So, when they are in test, they forget what they have learned before. In other hand, they become stress and get forgetful.
  2. The negative treatments they have got. The students got punishment orally even physically when they got lower score. It cause some scratches in their mind and hard to be removed. Consequently, they have no concentration during the test.
  3. Lack of quality attention. The quality attention comprises not only what the students need, such as their assignments, performance and attitude, but also the students’ feeling like emotion whether they are happy, sad, angry or disappointed.
What should we do to cope with these conditions? In that article, Timothy Wibowo gives some suggestions. First, if the students worry about too much and high demand of the achievement they should reach, both the teacher and parents do an introspection and change the affordable target to them. Understanding deeply to the students’ competence including their learning style and receive who they are entirely is a wise way. Of course, every teachers hopes the students get a good score as well as the parents as indication the students can get the point what they learned. But, it doesn’t mean the students should be forced to get it if they still have some difficulties. Finding out the difficulties and offering some helps without anger can give freshness or pleasure so that they feel confident and be able to motivate their selves in learning. Furthermore, asking what they feel and try to understand it. If the students know that the teacher or parents care about their emotion, they will feel that they are precious person, and then it will be easier to discuss how to handle the difficulties they face together. And another important thing is don’t doubt to apologize to them if the teacher or parents made mistakes in the past. To succeed the teaching learning activity, many factors should be considered like the curriculum, the teacher, the students, methodology, and also supporting facility. They relate to each other. It will be a long review if each is discussed here. One thing that can be stressed is have understanding and appreciating every one as well as we like. (SS) “All progress comes from small acts that gather momentum. So no matter how small you start, start something that matters.”(Brendon Burchard)
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