What An Enjoyable Class!! (A Report of City Tour)

19 November 2018 | Dibaca : 564x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
What An  Enjoyable Class!! (A Report of City Tour)

City Tour or field trip activity was held on November 14th, 2018 as an effort to implement the learning based on Contextual Teaching and Learning(CTL) as well as in accordance with the super class program. This activity aims to broaden students’ knowledge and learning experience. In this trip, three destinations were visited by seven grade students of super class namely Bosscha Observatorium, Kota Bandung Museum and Bandung Planing Gallery.

Bosscha Observatorium is located in Lembang, West Java. It was built in 1923 till 1928 and founded by Dutch-Indies Astronomical Society to advance the Dutch’s astronomy. The name of Bosscha Observatory was given as an appreciation to the biggest funds contributor of this obsevatory, named K.A.R. Bosscha. Now, this observatory is a part of ITB since 1959. There are five large telescopes installed in Bosscha but only one is opened for public, namely Zeiss Double Reflactor. It is the biggest one and  placed in “Koefle”. In this place, the students learned more about Bosscha Observatorium history as well as  solar system, telescopes and their fuctions. It’s interesting and full of knowlwdge.

Before proceeding to the next destination, the  students took a rest and had lunch at the Bosscha lawn with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Then prayed Dzuhur was done in Al-Ukhuwwah Mosque near Balai Kota Bandung.

At 1 p.m, the tour was continued to  Kota Bandung Museum at Jalan Aceh no 47. This  museum was just inaugurated by the Mayor of Bandung, Oded M. Daniel,  on October 31, 2018. Unfortunately, there are only two rooms opened for public. Nevertheless, the students can learn to get closer to the history by watching a film related to Bandung  history and its culture. In fact, the building of this museum includes part of the historic buildings. It used to be a Kindergarten school  (Frabelschool) by Loge Sint Jan, Bandung Fremasonry group.

One hour later, the tour continued to the last destination, Bandung Planing Gallery. It is one of the educational tourist destinations in Bandung. This Gallery was built with the concept of advanced technologies such as animation interactive video which has four dimensions as if the students take the MRT, can see and be in the future. Furthermore, the students can also interact directly with other media there.  The students can not only  see the city planing  in the future and that is currently being built, but  also participate in the development of Bandung city by giving input, criticism and suggestions. So, no wonder the students were interested and enjoyed in this Gallery.

It can be concluded, that this learning program is very good, useful and fun, seen from the enthusiasm of students in city tour activities, so this program is expected to continue  in the future. Thank you to Al Ma’soem Foundation and various parties who have supported this activity.

By. Mrs. Siti Suwarni, S.S
English Teacher of SMP Al Ma'soem

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