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9 April 2015 | Dibaca : 388x | Oleh : Usman Yasin, S.Ag
By Usman Yasin,SA.g Today there are many schools claim as an excellent school to get students as many as possible , what is the criteria of the excellent school ? in my opinion good facilities is not enough to claim that the school is excellent so they must have the other thing to be sold such as the consistency to apply the rules and the practice of english speaking, why ? like or dislike nowadays English play the important role in our life as a medium of instruction and communication, we see many directions in computer, internet, public area by English, moreover at the end 2015 we all know that our country will enter the Asian economic community , there will be many strangers especially from south east asia come to our cities for trading, shopping and business besides for going on a picnic and who knows ? may be one day you will do the same thing in their countries, we shouldn’t stay in our country forever in our life, if you get an opportunity to visit their countries you should go, why not….in that case of course you need English as a spoken language. Today English belongs to the world, it means that English doesn’t belong to british, American,and Australian only but also Indonesian, so we have three languages now include the mother tongue, Indonesian , and English. The excellent school must prepare students to be the excellent generation in the future by good discipline, science, technology and English , because the future of this country lies on their shoulders. But the question is how to be able speaking English ? First of all , we must have the love and the will to English because if you love something you will do everything to get it, if you love English you’ll do the best to be able, even speak alone like crazyman in your own room to practice your pronounciation , do not be bored to memorize vocabularies at least three words in one day and you do that on going, forever not for the time being, imagine please ! how many words you have in a week , in a month, in a year if you do it consistently as I suggested and do not forget to bring a pocket dictionary whenever you are and whereever you go to keep the vocabularies remain in your mind and then try to practice it in your daily conversation with your friends, don’t hesitate, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to do mistakes because mistakes is a part of process of learning. Specipically to all English teachers you don’t have to correct the beginers directly when you see a mistake, your correction will discourage their motivation if you correct them directly, so don’t embarrass them, let them speak as often as possible. In my experience when I met American, Australian,Germany , british and made a short conversation with them they never corrected me directly so the conversation was interesting. In Al-Ma’some school , students study all day from 07.15 am until 03.00 pm they are educated to be discipline , there is no room for them to do social deviation such as fighting among students on streets , they must obey the rules of school, they are not brave to break the rules, we have the motto cageur, bageur and pinter to prepare the next generation, we apply reward and punishment system consistenly. Student gets penalty point if he/she breaks the rules without any exception and on the contrary student gets reward such as free from school fee for one semester if he/she has achievement in science, sports and art. We hold annual event in science, art and sport and there are many schools participate in this competition, they come from Bandung, Sumedang, Garut and other cities in west java. About English we cooperate with IEC { intensive english course } to facilitate students and teachers to raise their ability in English and we shall begin to use English as a medium of instruction and communication at our campus in 2016.
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