The commemoration of nuzulul qur’an

28 Juli 2015 | Dibaca : 815x | Oleh : Usman Yasin, S.Ag
By Usman Yasin, SAg Nuzulul qur’an means that qur’an came down to earth by jibril as the mediator. The holy book of qur’an  came from God with the function to be  a compass of life for human, qur’an told us about the history of people in the past such as the prophets of God and their communities, what they got when they accepted the teachings of the prophets and believed in God, and on the contrary what was the results when they refused . Qur’an commands us to see their history in order to take the lessons from it, not to miss it, so learning history is very important, it is based on qur’an, and also qur’an told us about the universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, even the human itself it is very amazing. Qur’an challenged human and genie to explore the sky and the earth ( see surah arrahman verse 33 ). It is compulsory for muslims to read qur’an and try to understand the directions and the messages in it, don’t put it as a decoration only on your shelf, read it as much as possible, you will be lucky all the more so if you try to understand,  qur’an was come down by God not only to be readed but also to be understood, because of that we need to study Arabic as the only one language of qur’an, Arabic is a part of religion itself, it is a second language for muslims, they use it everyday especially when they are praying. If you know Arabic well, you can increase your knowledge about qur’an by reading some books of qur’an interfretation such as Ibnu Katsir interfretation book, al- maroghi, jalalain, al-qurtubi, al-manar, al-showi, etc. Qur’an is the last book of God and it’s come down to the last prophet, God promised to protect it until the end of the world , so nobody could change qur’an although just one verse of it, therefore do not be in doubt about the originality of qur’an. In accordance with a phenomenon that most muslims celebrate the commemoration of nuzulul qur’an , that is an expression of gratitude for the greatest bounty, people will get lost in life without qur’an , qur’an bring out human from the darkness to the lightness, that’s why muslims commemorate the nuzulul qur’an, however we can’t close our eyes from the other phenomenon that some muslims don’t like to commemorate the nuzulul qur’an  based on the fact that rosululloh ( the messenger of God ) never ordered to celeberate it, it’s OK,  no problem, the most important thing here is to respect each other. Anybody who wants to be safe, therefor make sure that qur’an as the guide for his life. Something amazing, there are a lot of muslims even children could memorize the whole qur’an, it is remarkable, they are like qur’an walking around us. O my lord ! be kind to me trough qur’an, make it the guide for me, remind me when I forget, teach me what I have no idea, give me an ability to read it well  in the middle of night, my god ! make the end of my life as the best of it, make the best of my work as the end of it, don’t leave me a sin except you forgive it, don’t leave a problem to me except you give the solution, don’t leave me alone because I will get lost without your guidance, my god I kneel in front of you to get your mercys and forgiveness, keep me away from the hellfire, amen.
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