Super Class SMP Al Ma'soem Exploring Historical places

11 Februari 2017 | Dibaca : 754x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
Exploring Historical places; Situ Ciburuy, Stone Garden and Gua Pawon in Padalarang In order to implement a CTL-based learning which aims to increase knowledge and insight super class students of 8 Grade, a trip was held on February 8th, 2017. The students explored three interesting places in Padalarang; Situ Ciburuy, Stone Garden and Gua Pawon. These places were chosen because its location adjacent and relate to the history and geography subject. image1_edit The first destination was Situ Ciburuy. This place is actually a dam. The flow of water from several rivers was collected and contained. In the middle there is a small island stands a restaurant. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of “Situ” by a small boat. Furthermore, Western Java folk song "Bubuy Bulan" has relationship with this place. The students enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful scenery of this place for about thirty minutes. Then, they went on the trip to the next place, Stone Garden. image3_edit Stone Garden is a great place and becomes a flagship tourist attraction in Padalarang. This place was opened for the public two years ago on January, 2015. This park used to be a shallow sea or ancient lake which evidenced by the discovery of fossilized sea shells. The type of rock here is karst rock with a variety of interesting shapes. Amazing! This place also associated with the famous legend from West Java, Sangkuriang. The students looked so enthusiastically listened to the explanation about this place from Mr. Yadi, a Tour Guide. They enjoyed the beauty of this geo park while learning about the history of rock and Western Java for two hours. image2_edit After taking a rest for a few minutes, the students continued the trip to the last destination, Gua Pawon. To get  this place, the students went hiking through steep downhill road with a great caution and good cooperation.  About fifteen minutes later, they arrived in Gua Pawon which located below the stone garden. image5_edit The cave is quite famous. Base on the survey result of anthropology experts, the location of the cave was once the ancient shores of the Bandung lake. In addition, a tour guide there said that, a human skeleton of ancient Sundanese was found in this cave. This cave is quite well maintained although some stalactite and stalagmite have been stolen and died. Even though, some were still alive, still dripping. Generally, this cave is still unspoiled and has an exotic view. image4_edit Getting a lot of useful information to broaden the knowledge, the students were also really happy during the trip. So, this program is truly beneficial and it becomes an alternative way of attractive learning.
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