Students of ASIC Celebrating their 1st Science Exhibition - ASIC FAIR 2018

30 April 2018 | Dibaca : 584x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
Students of ASIC Celebrating their 1st Science Exhibition - ASIC FAIR 2018

Students of Science Extracurricular ASIC (Al Ma’soem Science Club) over the weekend (28-29 of April) hosted its 1st annual Science Fair exhibition, where several students got the opportunity to create and display model-based science projects for their parents, teachers, fellow students and other guests.

Through their science projects students from the school’s elementary, junior and senior high classes explored their creative ideas and knowledge through practical research. The creativity in each project left visitors quite impressed. Students created display boards to support their project ideas. Teachers and peers visited each stall and were briefed about their individual projects.

What’s more special, not only they display their own innovation and research in science, ASIC also hosts its own robotic competition which attracted the interest of students from other schools in the province, some even from another provinces around the country.

According to Syauqiyyah Syahlaa, the leading chief of ASIC, there are three robotic competition which they held; Soccer Robot, Robot Road Challenge and Robot Sumo 3kg Non-magnetic. “A total of 247 participants attended the fair, they are from 134 schools in Jawa Barat. Some even from outside Jawa.

“The exhibition is an essential part of the institution’s science curriculum. The event enables students to demonstrate teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills. And for our first edition, it was held under the theme; Grow Our Thoughts and Explore All Possibilities.” 

Dr. Ir. H. Ceppy Nasahi Ma’soem, MS., The Chief of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung, whom also present at the exhibition. In his statement, he stated the importance to always encouraging the younger generation to go into the science filed. “Encouraging our young people to go into the science field and hone their awareness of the field is very important.

“The young minds could have their creativity, innovation, and thoughtfulness put into their various projects, and in doing so we put confidence in them and establish values that will allow them to be God-fearing, disciplined, self-confident contributors to the advancement of their communities and the country.”

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