SD Al Ma’soem Students Celebrates Creativity Day & English Day

2 Oktober 2017 | Dibaca : 465x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
SD Al Ma’soem Students Celebrates Creativity Day & English Day

Jatinangor – The students of Sekolah Dasar (elementary school) of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung, got their chance to spend their Monday morning learning various things outside of their classroom for the long awaited Creativity Day and English Day.

After done their mid-test last week, all the students of SD Al Ma’soem will be enjoying this week with some awesome activities in Program Days SD Al Ma’soem outside the class. To start the week off, it’s the Creativity Day & English Day.     

“Learning can be really amazing. It is exciting, it’s fun, but especially when you can learn about what you like and love, especially when you have some choice about what you learn,” explains Ahmad Zeni, S.S., M.M., the Principal of SD Al Ma’soem Full Day School.  

The key factor is that choice the students have. Among many activities, the students are free to do what they want to learn. Throughout the day, students were allowed to choose what they wanted to learn and discover from a list of over 10 activities ranging from dancing, singing, drawing, reading or even just doing sports they like, and many others.

“We belive every one of our students is totally gifted. They are filled with spirit and adventure, also an enthusiasm for learning. We want to unlock that and develop them, we want to get that part of them going.”

One of the English native speakers from Canada, Mr. Justin James McClain interact with the students and taught them many things about interesting stuff and even show them some unique culture from his country. Of course the students felt so happy and they enthusiastically listen to what Justin said very closely.

“It is a blessing that our foundation have several native teachers in this school, the students have the opportunity to learn and have the courage to speak with people from other country.”      

The activities taught by teachers and parents, this gave the students opportunities to explore areas they may not have otherwise. It was a day designed to inspire, nurture creativity, and get the students excited to come to school, and for that it was a great success.

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