Ramadhan In Al Ma'soem

22 Juni 2015 | Dibaca : 588x | Oleh : Usman Yasin, S.Ag
In Islamic calendar there is a special month , moslems call it Ramadhan . In Arabic ramadhan means burning , burning our sins which we did it before, no body is clean from sins and no body can redeem our mistakes except our self by repenting to Allah, we must ask his pardon for our sins / mistakes because no one can forgive it except Allah and we need to think about it again and again, everybody knows that we live here just for a moment not forever and ever, no body knows when he dies and where he is buried. We all don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow or the day after tomorrow , perhaps Allah sends Izrail angel to take our life, who knows ? my God pardon me and pardon my parents no one can forgive  our sins except you , don’t leave us alone, keep us away from the hellfire. Because of that we do not need to be too busy to take care of our life here until we forget our life in the here after, we always decorate our houses by spending much money in order to be comportable to live in and people admire it, but unfortunately we rarely decorate our houses there, our houses after we die in the here after, the real life is there not here, do not be tricked by luxurious life, remember ! that is just for a moment. Sorry brothers, I do not mean to teach you about life, I just do what commanded by qur’an to advise each other among muslims, see qur’an surah al ashr verse 3 , any way ramadhan is  the best moment for muslims to do the best thing such as fasting all day from shubuh ( dawn time ) to maghrib, taraweh praying in the evening, reading qur’an together after doing taraweh and the most amazing thing here is the involvement of children, their parents persuade them to fast little by little and go to the nearest mosque to do isha praying and taraweh .The parents do it to their children just a matter of teaching to be inured in the next days after they become teen agers or adults. Muslims have responsibility to keep them self and their families away from the hellfire, that’s why they teach their children fasting from the beginning, subhaanallah……..and again there is one thing we shoudn’t miss it in Ramadhan , specifically at the end of Ramadhan days, there are special nights called lailatul qodar where the angels and the souls come down to the earth by permission from Allah, the nights are better than one thousand months so we must get it  but how to get the nights, no body knows for sure when the nights happen, rosululloh peace be upon him only inform us that the lailatul qodar will happen at 20th – 30th of ramadhan days, that’s why some muslims stay awake all the night in the mosque by dzikir, reading qur’an and praying just to get lailatul qodar, may Allah bless us until we can get the lailatul qodar, amen. Al-Ma’some holds pesantren kilat for students to deepen Islamic studies such as tafsir ( the interpretation of qur’an ), hadith ( the traditions of Muhammad peace be upon him ), piqih and muhadatsah ( Arabic conversation ) . Students must follow it as long as two weeks, this program involves the elementary school students, junior high school and senior high school. In Ramadhan all muslim focus to worship, they know that their merits in worship will be multiplied moreover it is known widely from hadits that in Ramadhan all satans are shackled, all doors of paradises are opened and all doors of hells are closed, so muslims compete to approach  Allah, and at the end of ramadhan all muslims in the world wherever they are, they glorify Allah in the same language , they say : “ Allohu akbar,Allohu akbar,Allohu akbar, laailahaillallohu walloohuakbar, Allohu akbar wa lillahilhamd.” They say it all the night in spite of some guys try to disturb them by burning fireworks.
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