PSAM School-Outing to @america Jakarta

21 Januari 2016 | Dibaca : 1115x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
IMG_9411 (Large) Yesterday (20/1) santri Pesantren Siswa Al Ma’soem (PSAM) grade 11th and 12th were lucky enough to get invited by @america Jakarta to attend an interactive dialogue with Larry Lane, a staff from the United States Embassy for Indonesia. @america is a project pioneered by the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce the American culture, history, innovation, education, and to show us how diverse they are as a country. @america is well-equipped with a high tech facilities that the students could freely use and enjoy, and they were very delighted and happy to be given this opportunity. IMG_9368 (Large) Before this visit, PSAM has been invited before in 2013 but at the time the students who went to @america were the 10th grade. And same as the trip before, all the expenses; like transportation, food and beverages were all covered by @america, we at Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung are very thankful for that. The interactive dialogue with Mr. Larry Lane and the santri Pesantren Siswa Al Ma’soem had yesterday were mainly about education in the United States. Santri PSAM were especially interested in the topic about how the students from Indonesia could continue their study in the United States. And Mr. Larry Lane gladly answered all the questions from the students. IMG_9393 (Large) Larry originally explained about the up and coming 2016 Presidential Elections that they (US) are going to hold in a few months. But since the students did not really interested about the topic, they started to ask about education in the United States. Many students who attend the event said that they were really glad that the speaker (Larry Lane) did not really mind answering all their questions. Director of Pesantern Siswa Al Ma’soem, Mr. Asep Abdul Halim, S.Sos.I said that this was a good opportunity for the students to know more about America. “This is a really good opportunity for them (the students/santri) to really understand about the American culture, education, their community, their way of life, technology, history, and how American Muslim live in America,” added Asep. Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung really hope that this could be a continuous program for the students to help them with their decision concerning about their education but also to help them broaden their knowledge about the world. Galleries [tribulant_slideshow]
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