One Way to Memorize English Vocabulary Easily

9 September 2015 | Dibaca : 486x | Oleh : Ari Nugraha
33 (Large) Oleh: Siti Suwarni To understand the English both orally and written text, the most importan thing the learner needed is having rich vocabulary. Memorizing is an activity that should be done, but unfortunately, this activity is not easy for certain people. It is caused by some factors, like lack of motivation, the assumption, and limited time. But whatever the reasons, memorizing is a must if the learners want to master in English. This is one alternative to memorize the English vocabularies. There are three general steps can be tried to enrich the English vocabulary.
  1. Right assumption. Most of English learners assume that English is difficult so that they don’t have motivation to study it. They tend to be lazy. While some of them think that English is a foreign language, so if they don’t master in English, it’s doesn’t matter. If this assumption is kept in their mind for a long time, no wonder if their motivation is down and down. Now, how to change the assumptions to be right? Studying English with various methods and creating the enjoyable learning activity will help the learners to change their mind. The clear aim why they learn is also important. Of course it needs enough time but everything is possible.
  2. Everyone knows that it will be easier to do everything if we have a good understanding about it. So, a new word or a sentence that will be memorized should be understood, not only the meaning but also the spelling and the pronunciation. It can be checked in the dictionary.
  3. This is a significant activity. If a new word, for example, RUB (menggosok) will be memorized, the word should be demonstrated and said repeatedly. After saying the word correctly and knowing the meaning, the learner makes a simple sentence using that word for daily conversation. Saying the sentence repeatedly for certain time,  the learner definitely  can memorize that word for a long time.
Moreover, other inhibiting factors in learning English are the learners feel unconfident, they are afraid of making mistakes and sometimes they are lazy to try and practice, so these factors become the first killer for  their dream. How to get the new words? Listening to the English songs and reading more the English text or story are the good ways to get a lot of new words. There are various hints can be used to improve  English skills,  and one of them can be used depend on the different condition and situation of each learners.  The key word for this is practice  a lot, because practice makes perfect.  
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