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Writing Diary, One of Learning Activities (Written by Siti Suwarni)
12 Juli 2020
Almasoem.sch.id,- Do you know “Dear Diary”?. It is an activity that some people usually do to express their feeling and note special events ...
Corona : I See Human but no Humanity !! All dies and Gone !!
11 Februari 2020
Foto : https://www.holocaustandhumanity.org Opionion (almasoem.sch.id),- Corona be trending topics of the world, its existence as if to give us lessons ...
Miss Tessa : Hope is one way to survive
27 Januari 2020
Foto : https://nextcity.org Opini (almasoem.sch.id),- Hope is one way to survive, without hope man cant live in this world. May be its some talk ...
Writing Diary, One of Learning Activities Written by Siti Suwarni
8 Oktober 2019
Do you know “Dear Diary”?. It is an activity that some people usually do to express their feeling and note special events along the day. It used to ...
Energy Saving Ambassador (DHE) Senior High School Al Ma'soem Inviting Junior High School  Al Ma'soem Student for Be a new they ambassador
4 Oktober 2019
Jatinangor, - Ambassador of Energy Saving or Al Ma'soem DHE High School invited New Partners from Al Ma'soem Middle School. In a presentation that took ...
Bahasa Inggris Sebagai bahasa Internasional. mengapa bisa demikian??
26 September 2019
Jatinangor,- Pernah tidak dalam hati atau pikiran anda berfikir mengapa bahasa inggris dijadikan bahasa Internasional?? mngapa tidak bahasa Indonesia?? atau ...
What An  Enjoyable Class!! (A Report of City Tour)
19 November 2018
City Tour or field trip activity was held on November 14th, 2018 as an effort to implement the learning based on Contextual Teaching and Learning(CTL) as well ...
Students of ASIC Celebrating their 1st Science Exhibition - ASIC FAIR 2018
30 April 2018
Students of Science Extracurricular ASIC (Al Ma’soem Science Club) over the weekend (28-29 of April) hosted its 1st annual Science Fair exhibition, where ...
Exploring Historical sites in Sumedang
21 Desember 2017
By Sabrina Putri A - 9 Super Class City Tour was held on Thursday, December14, 2017. Historical sites, Cut Nyak Dien Tomb, Gunung Kunci and Sumedang’s ...
Super Class SMP Al Ma'soem Exploring Historical places
11 Februari 2017
Exploring Historical places; Situ Ciburuy, Stone Garden and Gua Pawon in Padalarang In order to implement a CTL-based learning which aims to increase ...

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