Exploring Historical sites in Sumedang

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Exploring Historical sites in Sumedang

By Sabrina Putri A - 9 Super Class

City Tour was held on Thursday, December14, 2017. Historical sites, Cut Nyak Dien Tomb, Gunung Kunci and Sumedang’s Museum, are the main destinations for this year. Thirty three students from ninth grade and two teachers joined this activity. Exploring these historical sites aimed to add insight and knowledge about the national history so that the students can  love more this country. 

On Thursday 14 December 2017, the 9th grade of Super calss students held a city tour. In the last year we went to Padalarang, but this year we went to Sumedang. There were three places we visited. First, went  to the grave of the heroine from Aceh, Cut Nyak Dien, then we went  to the Gunung Kunci, and the last place was the Museum of Prabu Ulun (Sumedang’s Museum).

We left at around 7:00 am, by  bus,  accompanied by Mrs. Siti, and Pa Miftah, and there were also Ghaza and Mhyza from other class. We arrived at the grave of Cut Nyak Dien around 08.30, we saw his tomb, pray together, and told a brief history.

Cut Nyak Dien is a hero who came from Aceh Barat who called Srikandi Indonesia. Cut Nyak Dien was the daughter of Teuku Nanta Setia, the mother of a noble boy from Lampagar. Her first husband was Teuku Ibrahim. They had 1 daughter. After her husband died on the battlefield, Cut Nyak Dien remarried to Teuku Umar Johan Pahlawan. Teuku Umar was shot by Dutch on 11 February 1899.

Cut Nyak Dien was captured by the Dutch on 6 November 1905 on the report of warlord Teuku Panglaot to the Netherlands. The Commander-in-Chief Panglaot's report was not a betrayal, it caused he was so sorry about her miserable condition. Her  eyes were blind. With one condition, Cut Nyak Dien should not be persecuted or bullied. But it turned out that on December 11, 1906, Cut Nyak Dien exiled to Sumedang with a warlord and a 15-year-old boy named Teuku Nana.

Although Cut Nyak Dien could not see but she could still  teach lessons especially to the Kaum mothers, generally Sumedang community. Cut Nyak Dien got the nickname Ibu Perbu / Ibu Ratu. Sumedang people also called her ‘Holy Mother’.  Cut Nyak Dien was treated for one year by K.H. Sanusi, who died in 1907 and buried in Gunung Puyuh. And the treatment of Cut Nyak Dien was followed by a daughter of K.H. Sanusi, named H. Husna, until she died on November 6, 1908.

She was buried at the H. Husnas’ grave in Gunung Puyuh , Sukajaya Village, Sumedang Selatan Subdistrict. At firs, t no one knew that it was Cut Nyak Dien's grave because Cut Nyak Dien's name was hidden. Then President Soekarno assigned to Prof.dr. Ali Hasmi, the governor of Aceh to go to the Netherlands and ask if it was Cut Nyak Dien's tomb, and that was true. The tomb was renovated in 1972 by Aceh local government. That's a brief history of Cut Nyak Dien.

Then, we continued to the second destination, Gunung Kunci. It’s located not far from Cut Nyak Dien’s tomb. Gunung Kunci is a Dutch fortress built in 1914 to 1917. Why is it said ‘Gunung Kunci? When it’s viewed from the top, it’s like a key, and there were a lot of  ‘Boros Kunci’ trees. Although this is a fortress, but not yet used for battle. There was one room where the conference took place. Many people mentioned that the room was destroyed by a Japanese bomb, but in fact, it was a suicide bombing.

Why suicide bombing? Because in that room, there were a lot of important  Dutch dossiers. So the Dutch thought it’s better to be destroyed  than to be occupied by japan. Until now the ruins of the former bombings still exist. There is also a large enough hole that was once a prison cell. This fort’s area is about  2.3 hectares. There are many Kunci plants that thrive here.  After we toured Gunung Kunci area, we were given a certain time to take pictures.

Once satisfied we continued  the trip. Before heading to the museum, we stopped  first to the Alun-Alun Sumedang to take rest, pray, and lunch. At 13.00 we continued the trip to the Museum of Prabu Ulun on foot, because the distance is not too far away. We were not allowed to bring a camera there, so we could not take photographs. There are several rooms, i.e,  there is a room containing special gamelan, usually played on Sunday. There are also chambers containing chariots. There are several Kencana carriage , dragon body, nose elephant, and wings of birds. There is also a room that contains the crown inheritance  the last king of Sumedang, there are also kris heirloom relics. And lastly there is a room containing three preserved tigers. After walking around, we went back to the bus, and went home.

But before we went home we  stopped  to ‘Tahu Bungkeng’, to buy souvenirs. We ate and took a rest there. This tofu is originated from Sumedang since 1917. Afer we tasted the tofu, and bought it, we went home. But we got traffic jam, so we arrived at Al-Masoem at 17.00. That's all the report  of the city tour.

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