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8 Oktober 2015 | Dibaca : 492x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
Written by Siti Suwarni IMG_4277 (Large) “Share what you have, you will get more”. That statement is a nature law. In this case, it means if we share knowledge, we will get more understanding about it. Related to this fact, the method of “everyone can be a teacher” can be implemented in the classroom after learning several topics. How to use this method? After learning some topics, for example four topics, before getting monthly or regular test, the teacher  divides the students into four groups. Each group discusses one topic. They have to make a review about the topic and write five or more questions related to it. Next, the review and the questions should be collected and the teacher will exchange the questions randomly to other groups. So, each group will answer the questions of different topic. The purpose is to force the students study more about different material. The limited time is given to support them to settle the matter and work better with their friends. The last is each group should present their answer as well as explain the topic in front of the classroom. Due to this activity, every students can learn and be a teacher for their friends. Based on the experience, some benefits and also some weaknesses were found during carrying out of this method. The benefits are:
  • This method focuses on the students centered
  • The students can learn each other as well as build some good conduct, such as, respect, cooperation, care about, courage, equality, and etc.
  • The teacher can observe how far the students understand the topics.
The weaknesses are:
  • Take too much time
  • Tend to rely on the clever students, and some of lower students tend to be silent.
  • There are some questions made unappropriate due to misunderstanding of the topic.
  • Sometimes, there are some students intend to give their friends difficult questions, so they can’t present well.
  • Not all students can make a good questions.
  • Need a good surveillance to guide all the students to get the aim.
To handle those weaknesses, a good preparation should be made before and the teacher have to explain the  objective clearly and closely assist during the activity to guide the students not only in understanding the topic, but also how to make a questions well. Nevertheless, this method can be one alternative in teaching and learning activity and it can be  applied for all the subjects.  
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