Cleanliness Is A Part Of Faith

14 April 2015 | Dibaca : 491x | Oleh : admiral
By: UsmanYasin, S.Ag The statement above came from the best human in the world, he was the last prophet and the last messenger of God, no body deny his achievement and reputation even Michael heart put him at the first rank of 100 the most influential men in the world, he was the best leader in his community, and the bravest fighter in battlefield, he was Muhammad peace be upon him. We are proud to be his followers, we love him, we miss him, we would like to meet him though just in a dream, we do what he ordered and we keep away from things he forbade it, we pray in the middle of night may God bridge us and him in the next life, in the hereafter. One of his teachings is about cleanness, he ordered muslim to be clean in body, soul and environment where we live. We take ablution before praying at least five times in twenty four hours to keep our bodies and soul clean from dirties, it’s amazing. Al Ma’soem Elementary school, Junior high school, senior high school and college declare free from rubbish to create a clean environment as an implementation of the hadith ( the traditions of Muhammad peace be upon him ) we suggest students, teachers, staffs and canteens to minimize using of plastic bags, because plastic is a material and it is very hard to destroy it, and it takes a long time to be crushed, because of that, each student and teacher are recommended to bring lunch box from home, we do it because we want our school and our environment clean and healthy, there are sport facilitates such as swimming pool, basketball, futsal, and volleyball field, we planted many of trees to create a green campus and fresh air and also there is a pond with beautiful fishes in the front of junior and senior high school buildings with a beautiful bridge. To channel student’s talent we have many sorts of extracurricular activities include sports, sciences, and arts. Student choose whatever he/she likes at least one, specipically for students who come from other cities don’t worry, because our school is an Islamic boarding school, students can stay in it. Come and join us to face the bright future.
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