Al Ma'soem Robotic Community goes to KRON 2017

30 Oktober 2017 | Dibaca : 1169x | Oleh : Bambang Irawan
Al Ma'soem Robotic Community goes to KRON 2017

About sixty students from Al Ma’soem’s Elementary School, Junior Highschool and Senior Highschool recently joined on a robotic competition in Tangerang. A robotic competition which not only invited students from all over Indonesia, but also invited students from the neighboring countries like Malaysia and Vietnam.

The fourth Kontes Robot Nusantara or KRON 2017 for short was held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang on the 29th of October. More than five hundred students joined the fray to win a ticket and to participate in a robot competition at the 2nd AYRO – Asian Youth Robot Olympiad Singapore 2017 on the 18th November next month.

It’s a no shocker that many of our students manage to won some awards, and got the chance to compete in Asian Youth Robot Olympiad 2017. This was to be expected since our student’s robotic community in Al Ma’soem Science Club (ASIC) had won many competitions before. Science has always been one of our main focuses here at Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung.

The Chief of Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung, Dr. Ir. H. Ceppy Nasahi Ma’soem, M.S., once said, “It’s so important that our students get exposure to the sciences and technology, and then apply them in various kinds of projects. This way, they can understand science is a process that connects prior learning to something real. We want students to see that science is fun, rewarding, and attainable for anyone, when they put their minds and hands at work.”

One of the teacher and coach of the Al Ma’soem’s Elementary Robotic Team, Chandra Febriansyah mentioned, “By going to KRON 2017, the students got the chance to experience the various kinds of robotic technology and its applications, and they also exposed to the vast developing world of robotic competition and how to keep the spirit of fairness. It was such a great opportunity for the students to explore and pushing their limit.”

Let’s just hope that the students who are going to Singapore and attend The 2nd AYRO – Asian Youth Robot Olympiad 2017 on November next month, will also give their all and achieve what has been their goal.

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